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In 1968, Peggy and Jim Godfrey opened a roadside garden centre in Bedford and a few years later, they bought 11 acres of property in Lower Sackville and started their first greenhouse and growing operation. So began the Atlantic Gardens legacy, which is still growing today.

Atlantic Gardens’ full-service flower shop located at 1239 Bedford Hwy. The Flower Shop offers a fresh flower service, fresh potted tropical plants and a great selection of decorator pots and vases.

The Sackville location continues to be a growing operation, located on Sackville Drive, just past the Lucasville Road. Using quality plants and seed, the Atlantic Gardens horticultural team grows quality products for you to plant in your own garden. Sackville’s retail store is open mid-April to mid-October and also offers landscape and wholesale services.

Growing Green

Here at Atlantic Gardens, we believe in growing green and taking care of our community.

Recognized by Dalhousie University’s Eco-Efficiency Centre for environmental excellence in business, we take great pride in growing in a sustainable manner and paying close attention to using environment-friendly practices.

We have implemented a variety of water reduction and recovery practices including the use of a large pond and drip irrigation systems to reduce water loss through evaporation.

In 2005, Atlantic Gardens replaced the oil furnace with a Decker wood pellet-burning furnace, the first to do so in Atlantic Canada, to heat our greenhouses and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. In addition, the newest greenhouse installed in 2006 has a full opening roof and walls for natural ventilation, reducing the need for cooling fans.

We work with our employees to recycle waste such as plastic pots and reduce the use of non-recyclables such as the plastic coverings on our greenhouses that are made to last 15 years rather than the industry-standard of 3 years. We ensure all plant material and organic waste is composted on-site and we have an integrated pest management system in the greenhouses to reduce the amount of pesticides used.

We are constantly upgrading our greenhouse practices to be friendlier to our environment because after all, as gardeners, we believe in protecting all things living so we can continue to enjoy the wonder and beauty of nature.

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